HOLOSUN® meets Primary Arms – optics with BDC reticles

Primary Arms has a number of excellent Bullet Drop Compensator reticles (BDC). With the patented ACSS® (Advanced Combined Sighting System) from Primary Arms, HOLOSUN® takes the first step towards higher precision with the 503G-ACSS®. The switchable reticles (selectable between stop marks + chevron and stop mark + chevron + horsehoe) combine the compensation of the bullet drop with the distance estimation in an easy-to-use system. The ACSS® CQB reticle increases the first hit rate and significantly reduces the response time until the shot is fired. Whether for hunting, sport shooting or other applications - with this red dot sight you can always address your target quickly and precisely. 
This micro reflex sight with red reticle offers a patented switchable ACSS® reticle from Primary Arms, an intelligent Shake Awake™ technology, a long operating life, a high riser mount, and a durable alumin housing at small weight. Das 503G-ACSS is well combinable with the HS Magnifier HM3X. With our reflex sights you get a military-grade quality at an unbeatable price-performance ratio - without any compromises. They allow to focus your target with both eyes open. Thanks to this the sights are ideal for hunters, sports marksmen, authorities, and airsofter. Besides the multi reticle system (500 line) and the solar models (C-line) all optics offer an intelligent Shake Awake™ technology for an extraordinary long operating life, a parallax-free performance, a bevelled front lens (micros, tubes) and 12 brightness levels for manual brightness control. Our sights can also easily be combined with aiming lasers and night vision devices. Excellent reticle with ACSS reticle from Primary Arms - Perfect for hunting, sport shooting and airsoft. Changeable reticle: You are fully flexible and can choose between a 2MOA point, 65MOA circle point reticle. Long service life: ultra-efficient LED Technology, Shake Awake function and automatic Brightness control allow up to 50,000 operating hours. Always ready for use: with state-of-the-art technology, Shock-proof construction and resistant coating designed for the toughest conditions. Premium sights of military standard to an unbeatable value for money. Main Data EAN: 4055132002527 Warranty: 3 Jahre customs tarif number: 90131090 Technical Parameters Operating Temperature: -30°C - 60 °C Storage Temperature: -40°C - 70 °C Electrical Parameters Operating Voltage: 3 V DC Mechanical Parameters Size: 30x63x37 mm Material: 6065 Aluminium Housing Color: black Weight: 98 g Protection Class: IP67 Holosun Reticle type: ACSS CQB Reticle switchable: yes Style: Micro Reticle adjustment: Eingebettete X/Y Absehenverstellung Mounting type: Torx High riser mount: yes Battery compartement: Seitlich Lens size: 20 mm Magnification: 1x Solar cell: no Automatic brightness adjustment: no Shake Awake - Function: yes Memory function: yes Battery lifetime: 20000 h Surface finish: MAO W&E Range: ±50 MOA Vibration strength: 1000 G Flip cap type: no Killflash: no Light sources: LED Reticle color: rot HS503G-ACSS auf Amazon kaufen


The first Scope with ACSS-reticle von Primary Arms is now available at HOLOSUN. The PRIMARY ARMS PA1-8X24SFP-ACSS-5.56 riflescope has the patented ACSS reticle with trajectory compensation for predefined deployment distances using standardized bullet weights, lead marks for side wind drift compensation, and shooting at moving targets, all in one extreme intuitive and user-friendly system. The reticle in the second image plane is easy to use and maintains the same size for all magnification settings. In order to take full advantage of the power spectrum, they should use the scope at the highest magnification level, as it can fully exploit its unique advantages. With this optics, you can address targets up to 300 m extremely quickly and intuitively, without any adjustment on the side or height adjustment tower. Accurate and repeatable hits are possible up to a distance of 800 m. The brightness control on the left side of the 30 mm center tube illuminates the crosshair with a total of 12 freely selectable brightness settings. With the included CR2032 battery you can illuminate the reticle for thousands of hours. A spare battery is at hand and always in the protective cap of the Seitenverstellturms. Constructed from high-quality 6063 aluminum with abrasion-resistant, durable, hard-anodized, matt-black surface and completely multi-coated and tempered lenses, this look is the ideal companion for hunting or ambitious sports competitions. The 1-8x rifle scope is fog-proof, waterproof, IP67 certified and resistant to the usual environmental conditions. 1-8x24 scope has a horseshoe chevron center aiming point ACSS reticle is BDC compatible with 5.56 NATO, 5.45x39 and .308 Win Second focal plane design keeps the reticle the same size through all 1-8x levels of magnification Partially illuminated reticle is powered by the included CR2032 battery with 12 brightness settings 6063-aluminum scope body has multi-coated lenses and is nitrogen purged, fog resistant and IP67 waterproof Official product of Primary Arms with the patented ACSS reticle Main Data EAN: 4055132003302 customs tarif number: 9013101000 Technical Parameters Operating Temperature: -30°C - 60 °C Storage Temperature: -40°C - 70 °C Electrical Parameters Operating Voltage: 3 V DC Mechanical Parameters Material: aluminium Housing Color: black Weight: 453 g Protection Class: IP67 Holosun Reticle type: ACSS CQB Reticle switchable: no Style: Scope Reticle adjustment: Aufgesetzte X/Y Absehenverstellung Lens size: 24 mm Magnification: 1-8x Killflash: no Reticle color: rot flip caps inclusive: yes Exit pupil diameter: 9.0mm at 1x, 3.0mm at 8x Augenabstand: Low: 3.50 inch / High: 3.30 inch Tube diameter: 30 mm Click value: 0.5 MOA Focal plane: Second focal plane Field of view: 110ft. to 14.5ft @100yards