Precision. Innovation. Performance.

This is what matters when choosing highly-professional quality sights for the perfect shot. HOLOSUN® stands for reliability, durability and passion. We specialize in developing cutting edge technology for special forces, the military, hunters and sports marksmen at a competitive price. Our comprehensive portfolio of high-performance optics provides you with robust reflex and laser sights for both short and long weapons, which can handle anything you throw at them.

Why Holosun?

Unbeatable in price and performance

With HOLOSUN® sights, you get military-grade quality at an unbeatable price-performance ratio. No compromises.

Ready when you are

Our products are characterized by their high durability, robustness and cutting-edge functions which can be customized to fit your needs.

Always a step ahead

Progress matters! This is why the HOLOSUN® research and development team endeavors to fulfill your expectations of a perfect sight every day and releases new products onto the market several times a year.

The target is the target

You are determined. You know what you want. You know your trade like the back of your hand. It’s not just a tradition. It’s an ancient passion. It’s in your blood and it drives you. You only have one target: your target. You wait for the moment. You’re alert. Always ready. When you are in your element, everything around you disappears. You know the moment. You live for it, your heart beats for it. You concentrate. Take aim. And in the decisive moment, only one thing counts: your perfect shot.

Because the target is the target.