HOLOSUN® bietet Wärmebildkameras – Ein erster Schritt zur Thermovision

Die JSA-Wärmebildgeräte liefern klare Sicht bei Dunkelheit und eigenen sich hervorragend für die professionelle und semiprofessionelle Anwendung, wie z.B. die Jagd (Wildsuche im Wald), Scouting (Wanderführer oder Camping), Rettungsaktionen (Vermisste, Verletzte) oder behördliche Einsätze (Suche nach Tatverdächtigen). Die Wärmebildkameras zeichnen sich durch ihre kompakte Bauart, die hochwertige Technik, die Langlebigkeit und Zuverlässigkeit aus. 
Holosun JSA-IR-435-VOX
Focusable infrared camera IR-435 for wild game viewing, scouting, rescue or for use by authorities The JSA IR-435 Thermal Imager features a 400x300 pixel VOx detector with a very high "heat resolution" of ≤50 mk @ F1.0 NETD, allowing the smallest temperature differences to be displayed cleanly and clearly. The completely newly developed eyepiece offers very pleasant viewing characteristics and is also suitable for eyeglass wearers. The display in the eyepiece has a resolution of 1280x960 pixels and a large diameter of 0.4 inches. The device achieves an optical magnification of 2.3x with the high-quality 35mm Germanium focusable lens. Due to the digital zoom of 1-4x in fine steps or 2x or 4x a maximum system magnification of up to 9,2x can be achieved. In addition, image adjustment presets, e.g. forest or city, to be chosen. Brightness and contrast are still adjustable. With the image optimization option a "sharpener" is placed over the whole picture. In addition, the brightness of the screen can be adjusted. The detection range of people is 1000 meters, that of vehicles 2400 meters. The thermal imaging device JSA IR-435 also has an internal memory of 16 GB. Here you can save pictures and videos. A transfer to smartphones via an App is possible (alternative: via USB C cable to a PC). The JSA IR-435 also provides a picture-in-picture feature that zooms in on part of the picture within the main picture. The position of the displayed image can be freely selected or positioned. Another feature is the HDMI connection. Via this, live images can be transmitted almost without delay to TVs with Full HD, 4K and 8K. The device has two 18650 batteries with 6,000 mA/h. The operating time in normal mode is up to 5 hours (temperature dependent). The USB C charging socket can also be used to connect USB 5-volt power banks • Thermal image observation device, hand-held • Magnification: 2.30 times • Resolution: 400x300 pixels • Digital zoom factor: 2-4 times • Horizontal field of view: 11.1 degrees • Vertical field of view: 8.3 degrees • Maximum distance of people detection: 1000 m • Image memory function: Yes • Video memory function: Yes • Storage medium included: Yes • Storage type: internal 16 GB • USB connection: USB C • Thermal sensitivity: NETD ≤50mk @ F1.0 • Frame rate: 50 Hertz • Measuring range (wavelength): 8μm ~ 14μm • Image Polarity: black hot, white hot, red hot • Pixel size (pixel pitch): 17 μm • Display type: 0.4 inch LCOS • Display size: 1280x960 pixels • Size sensor (microbolometer): 400x300 pixels • Sensor type: VOx Main Data EAN: 4055132008611 Mechanical Parameters Size: 175x300x170 mm Housing Color: black Weight: 485 g Protection Class: IP67 JSA-IR-435-VOX auf Amazon kaufen