Holosun Elite sights - green or golden reticles

The HOLOSUN® ELITE Series – Perfect becomes Elitist

The new HOLOSUN® ELITE models combine all the features that require robust, resistant military-based sights: With green or golden reticles and housings made of durable hard aluminum/titanium, you are at the head of the class. We also give you a 3-year warranty on the light source. HOLOSUN® ELITE is the perfect series for everyone who wants more.
Holosun EPS Carry closed reflex sight 2MOA/32MOA circle dot, aluminum, black

€559.90* €629.90*  MSRP (11.11% saved)
Holosun Gold Dot Sight HE512C-GD

€489.90* €655.18*  MSRP (25.23% saved)
Holosun Green Dot Sight HE515GT-GR

€549.90* €722.38*  MSRP (23.88% saved)